download-Hill-Climb-Racing-for-PCCan’t get enough of Hill Climb Racing right? Well, I have been playing this game for the past 1 year and I’ve gone as far as downloading hill climb racing for pc.

While I’m not riding with my hill billy driver on my smartphone, I’m doing it on my computer. Hill Climb racing is by far one of the simplest, yet highly addictive racing games that you can play on your smartphone.

Unlike other iOS and Android racing games like Real Racing 3, you do not get a flat terrain. There is a huge variety of environment and terrains that you can choose from in this game and a lot of different kind of vehicles and vehicle upgrades that you can purchase as you gain coins by playing the game.

About Hill Climb Racing

The gameplay of hill climb racing is pretty straight forward. You’re given two options to control the ride i.e. acceleration and and brakes and you have to travel as far as you can on a particular terrain.

There is another component of the game that is you run out of gas and you have to pick up gas refill tanks that come along the way. Now, even though the games looks pretty simple and straightforward, that’s because it is. But you will eventually find a lot of terrains and parts of the games that get pretty hard to complete and will take a lot of upgrades or even different vehicles to get past them.

Some of the different terrain that you can find in this game are:

Dessert : The sand makes it hard to accelerate and it can get pretty challenging to get through the terrain.

Snow caps : The terrain is full of slippery snow and christmas trees.

Moon : This one comes with no gravity and is a lot more fun to play in. You also earn a lot more coins in this terrain because of all the extra air time you get.

Mars : The gravity effect is much similar to Moon but the terrain is much more rough and you’ll often go through caves which makes it a lot more challenging terrain to be in.

Highway : You get an amazing ride on the highway. Clean roads with a lot of coins.

Apart from the different terrains, you also get to choose from a variety of vehicles:

  • Car
  • Bike
  • Monster Truck
  • Tank

These are the four most popular vehicles that players can choose from.


How to Install Hill Climb Racing on PC?

It’s really easy to install this game on your windows computer.

All you need to do is download and install an android emulator, find the game and run it. But for your ease, here’s a step by step process on how to do it.

  1. Download Bluestacks android emulator from here.
  2. Install it using the setup file
  3. Once you’ve installed it, find Hill climb racing app using the search function
  4. Download and install the app
  5. Run the app via MyApps.

And that’s all! Congratulations, now you’ve successfully installed Hill climb racing on your PC.

Enjoy playing.