How to Download Line for PC – Windows XP/7/8

Line is one of the newest free messaging apps that have been introduced in the android marketplace and now you can even download Line for PC.

It allows you to send free calls and text messages to your other friends who are using Line on their smartphones.

Line is currently available on all major mobile phone operating systems like Android, iOS and windows however they have not yet released a windows or mac version and that’s why you’ll have to use an emulator like Bluestacks to download the application on your computer.

Update: Line has introduced it’s desktop and mac versions and now you can download it directly from their official pages and use it on your desktop.

But before we get into the details of how to get it working on your PC, lets discuss what all features does it offer and what truly sets it apart from the other applications in the industry.

First of all, Line is free to use and will not bug you with unwanted, irritating advertisements.

Second, the best feature about line is the huge array of stickers and emoticons that cover pretty much every emotion that you’ll need to convey on while you use this messaging app.

Moreover, if you do have access to a good wifi connection, you can even make free phone calls over line and talk for hours without getting charged. In short, free phone calls!

How to download Line on Pc?

Go to the official site for Line.

Download the PC or Mac version depending upon what operating system your computer runs on.

Sign in using your email and password

You can now call and send text messages to your friends and family for free.

Line for Computer and MAc

Surprisingly though, line is maybe the only application that has looked for the sheer number of people who want it on their desktop computers and has launched versions of their applications to serve this audience.

That’s a good move on their part!

Anyway, have fun using Line and for other tips, tricks and tutorials on how to install and run apps on your computer, keep visiting NextBigApp.