Hay day is the Super social version of Farmville brought to you by Supercell. Supercell is one of the biggest names when it comes to mobile gaming.

Their two best selling games Boom beach and Clash of clans have got their fair share of users and being an avid player of these mass multiplayer Age of empires type games, I know what makes them so awesome.

However, if you’re anything like me then having Hay day on your mobile phone just wont cut it. You want to take care of your farm whether you have your mobile device or not and that’s why you might want to have one version of Hay day on your pc too.

If that’s not the case then you might not have an android or iOS powered mobile device and you don’t want that to interfere with the awesome gaming experience that comes with Hay day.

And that’s why, today we’ll be discussing how to download Hay day for pc and play it online without requiring a mobile device.

But before we get into the tutorial, which you can find below. Let’s take a look at the features of Hay Day and what makes this game so addicting.

About Hay Day And Download In APK

Hay day is a game that lets you experience what its like to run a farm. From ability to use modern technology to grow your farm to gaining knowledge about how the animal husbandry and agriculture goes hand in hand.

You start from scratch, build a farm, sell the produce and use the profits to grow your farm. It’s a pretty cool experience for the entrepreneur in you and takes most of us back to our childhood while we used to visit our villages and play with the cattle and walk in the fields. Okay, that was me getting overly dramatic but it gets pretty close to that.

You’ll learn everything from business development to marketing, this game has much more to offer than just a mobile version of Farmville.

The game is currently free to download and play and I believe it will be so for a long time to come. However, there is a freemium model involved where you can pay for upgrades and speed up your progress as a farmer.

The graphic quality is great and is very noticeable when you play it on a big screen mobile device like an iPad 4.

I think that’s a good introduction to get you all charged up for the game and now we’re ready to move on to the tutorial.


How to Download Hay Day for PC?

Since Supercell doesn’t offer the Windows or Mac version of Hay Day, just yet. We’ll be using an android emulator called Bluestacks to download and run mobile applications on our computers.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download Bluestacks installer from here.
  2. Set it up as you would setup any other windows application
  3. Once installed, run bluestacks and search for Hay day and click on the first app.
  4. Install the app as you would on a mobile device
  5. To run the app, goto bluestacks >> MyApps

Well, that’s pretty much all you need to get Hay day for Pc. For other tutorials, you can check out our related posts down below.