Every once in a while every Mac user has to get his hands on a Windows Pc to run an application that isn’t compatible with windows and that is one of the sad downsides of using a Mac. There aren’t enough developers willing to build Mac versions of their applications.

Maybe this does opens up a market for those willing to go the extra mile but when it comes to marketing and outreach tools for search engine marketers like me, I guess we’ll still have to wait a decade before this platforms gains the same kind of prominence as iOS gets while apps are being developed for iOS. However, I guess we are getting too strayed away from the point of our post.

So, getting back, you want to download iMovie for Windows?


Now, even though Apple hasn’t really developed any official version for Windows, we can still go around that and download iMovie on our Windows computer. Now this is not some alternative or substitute application that would magically make up for iMovie (even though there are a lot of paid applications that can more than make up for it) but the approach that we’ll be following is that we’ll download an iPad emulator and then download and run iMove via that.

Sounds tricky? Well, its easier than it reads and here’s the step by step tutorial on how to do that:

1. Download Xpadian installer from their official site.

Xpadian is an iPad emulator that will create an iPad iOS environment on your PC.

2. Once installed, set it up like you would set up an iPad.

3. Next, use the App Store to find iMovie. Note that you might have to pay for the application since it doesn’t already come with the iPad installation.

4. Run the application via xpadian.

And that’s all.

I know this is more of a  hack than actually installing iMovie on your windows PC. But hey, this is probably the only way that is anything close to having iMovie on your PC.

If you’re interested in downloading more Mac apps/games on your Windows PC then you can refer to some other tutorials that we’ve written for the same.