Here’s another great game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Saga 2. However, in this game, you do not have to mix-match sweet candies before the timer runs out.

It gets much more serious. In Pet Rescue Saga you have to find and rescue pet that has been put into cages at secret places by evil pet capturers.

How to Play the game?

The game starts with a screen that is full of colored boxes and you have to match two or more boxes of the same color to reveal the hidden path to your pet. It is not as easy as it sounds because you have a limited number of tries to complete the rescue mission.

Pet Rescue is filled with amazing graphics and interesting sounds that keeps you engaged for hours.

The game runs on a freemium model and while the game is free to install and play, there are a few upgrades and additional items that you can purchase in-game using your credit card.

Moreover, in our experience, the game is much more fun to play on bigger screens and thus an iPad or your desktop computer would be a good device to install it on.

For iPads, you can download it directly from the Apple Appstore however for the PC version of Pet Rescue Saga, I’ve included a short 2 step tutorial that you need to follow to be able to play it on your computer.

How to Download Pet Rescue Saga on PC?

It’s really easy to get the game on your pc.

It is the exact same way, we installed clash of clans and plants vs zombies 2 on our computers.

1. First you need to download Bluestacks android emulator and install it on your windows laptop or desktop computer.

2. Once it’s installed, using the search function find Rescue pets 2 and install it.

That’s pretty much all you need to do. Now, you can easily go and play the game as you would on your mobile device, just on a much bigger screen.