Mario is an action-adventure role-playing game. Everyone has played Mario at least once in their life. No matter how old you are Mario makes you all nostalgic and brings out that little kid in you who just want to spend hour’s playing this addictive game; head-butting bricks, jumping turtles and ducks, fighting dragons to save Princess Peach.

We love to play Mario Games just as much as you do and this is the reason that motivates us to bring the best possible games to you.

If you miss this awesome game or you are a supper fan of Mario then here is the good news for you. We have compiled the list of some websites which offer the best Mario online flash games.


This site is one of the Top rated site for the for best Mario games. There are more than 200 Mario games on this site. To play Mario games you just have to go to, click on the game you like and start playing it.

You can also play other famous games like Pac-man, Tom and Jerry, SpongeBob, power rangers etc. on this website.

Top 3 Games on this website are:

  • Super Mario Land
  • Mario Tractor 2 Player
  • Mario Racerz


Mario Games Online is a dedicated website to your beloved hero Mario. This websites offer over 250 Mario games. They have reunited the great collection free Mario games to be played online which consist of some popular Mario games that you have already played and loved and others are completely new.

This is a great site for some kickass Mario experience. Here are some of the latest games on this site:

  • Mario Pogo Play
  • Bomb it Mario
  • Mario Saves Princess – New Adventure
  • Mario Back In Time
  • Mario Jungle Trouble



Another website that is entirely devoted to Mario games. This website has over 500 Mario games. The largest collection of Mario games in our list. You will never get bored as there are too many games to play on this website.

Top 3 Hot games on this website are:

  • Mario Star Scramble 3
  • Brother Mario Rescue Princess
  • Soaring Mario



Don’t confuse it with the earlier mentioned This is a great websites which offers 35 Mario games to play. The numbers of games they offer are very few as compared to other websites but you will love each and every game on this website.

This website is dedicated to Mario games so if you only want to play Mario game and don’t want to get muddled with other games, this website is the place to go.

3 popular games on this website are:

  • Super Mario Crossover
  • Super Mario Flash
  • Mario Bros in Sonic World



PC Mario Games is the ultimate website for anyone who loves to play Mario Flash Games on their computer. All the best Mario games can be found here including many different versions of Super Mario Bros. and Mario Cart. It is has more than 150 Mario games.

The best part is that, unlike other Mario sites, this website will never annoy you with excessive ads and slow loading times. Just quickly find the game you want to play and have fun!

This website has the best graphic quality Mario games.



This website has got great collection of online flash games. It offers huge variety of Mario flash games to play online.

Top 3 Mario games on this website are:

  • Mario Combat
  • Gangster Bros
  • Mario Shoot’em Up


This is a very good website for kids. It promotes educating children with playful methods. There are many activities for kids related to art, languages, math, science etc. which develop their intellectual skills.

There are 20 interesting Mario games on this website along with many more different types of games.

This is the perfect place for your kid to learn stuff while they still can have fun playing some really cool games.

This is another cool website which has huge collection of entertaining online flash games. It is a jackpot site for those who are looking for different Mario games as you can find over 200 Mario games here on this website.

5 of our favourite game on are :-

  • Mario Jet Ski
  • Mario Across the World
  • Super Mario Racing
  • Mario Kart Extreme
  • Mario War

It is an awesome website that has some cool collection of online Mario flash games. This website is also dedicated to Mario games and has about 50 Mario games available on their website.

Top 3 games on this websites are:

  • Super Mario Sunshine 64
  • Super Mario 63
  • Paper Mario World


Mario kart

Mario kart Games have some of the Mario Games. Here you have the chance to play online a great collection of dedicated flash games featuring Mario as the best racing pilot. They also have a large category of other driving related and bike games featuring Mario and his friends. Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi are all waiting for you to join them in their great adventures, motorsport circuit tournaments and a lot of other mysterious journeys.

3 latest games on this website are:

  • Racer Kartz
  • Mario Rally Race
  • 3d Mario Monster Truck