Are you a fan of Dora?

Then you’ll love these Online Dora Games where you can dress her up, do some cooking, baby sit twins and even go on an adventure bike ride.

There are hundreds of websites that offer a huge range of Dora The Explorer Games and here we have compiled the list of top 10 websites where you’ll find the best flash games.

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Beneath the Water

As weird as the name is, this site is a director of Dora games and you can find a lot of hidden gems here.

This is probably the first site you should visit before going through any of the ones mentioned below.

There are over 50 games listed at and you’re provided with all the description and instructions that you need to play the game. They’re in the process of creating a video tutorial for each and every game that they have featured on their website to make it easier for you, as a gamer, to play the games.

Nick JR

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Nick’s official website offers one of the best Dora games with great graphics and a good gameplay.

Our 3 favorite Dora games at Nick Jr are:

1. Dora Christmans Carol Game

2. Old Troll Game

3. Enchanted Forest Game is a dedicated website to Dora the Explorer and offers over 200 games all developer around the cartoon character and its friends.

There are 10 categories for games to choose from that vary from Cooking to Dress up games.

Our 3 favourite games from PlayDora are:

  • Cute Dora Dress-up
  • Dora Archer
  • Bathroom Decor


Another website that is completely dedicated to Dora the Explorer.

There aren’t a lot of games to play here, when you compare it to other websites that is. However, we really liked the quality of games and how they were pretty much hand-picked.

Top 3 games on this website are:

1. Train Express

2. Swiper the Explorer

3. Ice Skating



Gahe is probably one of the most-mentioned website here at NextBigApp.

They have pretty much every flash game out there that you can think of and that is exactly why they’re one of the best websites to visit if you’d like to play some Dora the explorer Flash Games.

As per, there are over 50 Dora the Explorer Games that you can find and play there.

Top 3 games on this Gahe are:

  • Twins Baby Sister
  • Kindergarten
  • Train Express