Bitten by a radioactive spider, a high school student gained the incredible super powers and started to fight crime. I think you all know who I am talking about, here. SPIDERMAN!!!

No matter how old you are, you all have craved it at least once that what it would be like to have those super powers even if it meant getting bitten by an irradiated spider. That strength, speed, spider senses you wish you could have them.

Well in real world that is not possible but it is quite possible in virtual world. There are lots of Spiderman games available on internet where you can have those awesome super powers of Spiderman or even better you can be The Spiderman.

Here we have compiled the list of 10 Best websites where you can play Spiderman flash games online for free.



Here is our favourite website for online flash games. You will find almost every flash based game available out there on this website. Let it be cartoon games, action games, racing games, puzzle games, fighting games, strategy games, dress up games etc. you will find them all in this place.

It is the best site to find Spiderman online flash games. They have 85 awesome Spiderman games that can be played online.

Our favourite 3 Spiderman games on GaHe are;

  • Spiderman City Drive
  • Spiderman Dark Side
  • Spiderman Toy Transporter


This website does not need any introduction as its name is self-explanatory. You will find a number of exclusive funky and fascinating Spiderman flash games and even Spiderman villains which fits every type of players – children, teenager and adults. Attractive and simple spidy games for small children will surely be an added attraction for kids, who are not matured enough to control the complicated functions of adventurous games.

3 most popular games on Spiderman Games are:

  • Spidrman Raid
  • Spiderman Bullet Attack
  • Spiderman Escape

Marvel kids(


Official website of Marvel kids has whole section committed to your favourite super her – Spiderman. Although numbers of games available on this site are few as compared to other websites on this list, still it was worth mentioning because the games on this site are of very good quality and you will surely enjoy them. Moreover, you can find lot more on than just games on this site. They offer many Spiderman videos, characters info and detail and many fun activities related to Spiderman like Spiderman colouring page, Spiderman maze, Spiderman world scramble etc.

All the games on this website are awesome and it is really difficult for us to pick any 3 as our favourites. So this time you visit this website and tell us which your favourites are.

Hero Games World

This website is dedicated to online flash games based on popular cartoon characters like batman, superman, SpongeBob, Tom & jerry and many more. That makes it the best place to visit for playing your favourite cartoon character games. They have some pretty interesting collection of Spiderman flash games that can be played online directly through your web browser.

Our 3 favourite Spiderman games on Hero Games World are:

  • Ultimate Spiderman Iron Spider
  • Spider Save the Town
  • Spiderman 3 Photo Gunt

Games Butler

Games Butler serves you the wide variety of online flash games. They offer games from many different categories like action games, puzzle games, sports games, kitchen games etc. Here you can find over 60 Spiderman flash games.

Our 3 favourite Spiderman games on Games Butler are:

  • Lego Ultimate Spiderman
  • Bendy Spidey
  • Spiderman Web of Words

They have huge collection of flash games assembled under different categories. They have gathered lots of games from all over internet and brought them to on place so you can easily choose and play them.

They offer 60 Spiderman flash games that can be played online.

Our Favourite 3 Spiderman games on are:

  • Spider-man 2: Endless Swing
  • Spiderman Lizard Clone
  • Spiderman Bike Challenge

This site is dedicated to Spiderman games. Here on this site the most exclusive Spiderman games are exposed in front of you so you can play all games you want for free. Just select your game and get ready for the action. You will not be bothered by unwanted advertising or annoying pop-ups.

Our 3 favoutite Spiderman games on this website are:

  • Spiderman Rush
  • Spiderman Launch
  • Spiderman Trivia

Are you a freak of Spiderman Games or Peter Parker? Then would certainly be the right place for you. As the name suggests this site offers lots of free Spiderman games to be played online. Besides Spiderman games you can also find other cartoon character based games like Ninjago games, Dragon Ball Z games, Power Ranger games, Sonic games and lot more other cartoon character games.

3 most popular Spiderman games on This website are:

  • Spider Man Save Children
  • Brawl Featuring Spider-Nan
  • Spiderman Dangerous Journey focus only on Spiderman games, this site is for kids and all the people that want to play some cool Spiderman flash games online. They have collected around 65 awesome games with Spiderman from all over the internet. Be happy and enjoy these free games.

Our 3 favourite games on this website are:

  • Spiderman Monster Under Midtown
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Cyber Sabotage
  • Bloody Rage 2

Kids Games Heroes


This online arcade is dedicated to hero’s flash games. Here you will find hundreds of flash games of your favourite heroes like Batman games, Spiderman games, Green Lantern games, Captain America games or Hulk games etc.
Kids Games Heroes is absolutely free, and you can enjoy the games directly from your browser. The games that you will find here, are fun, addictive and full of action and entertainment for kids, girls and not that kids.

They offer over 50 Spiderman online games out of which our 3 favourite games on Kids Games Heroes are:

  • Octopus Rampage
  • Heroes Defense Spiderman
  • Spiderman Puzzle