Fantasy cricket is a game played online which a virtual team of real cricket players is made and points are scored depending on how those players perform in real matches. To win a tournament, players must work towards attaining the maximum points and the highest rank on the table.

   A fantasy cricket match is concerned mostly on batting and bowling demands. For instance, in fantasy cricket matches users need to choose real players and get points based on their performance on that pitch. For that reason, there are some good steps that someone will follow during this time of playing fantasy cricket.

    First and foremost thing is if you want to win, keep your emotions aside. Dont keep a player as a powerplay or captain who gains extra points just because you like them. Secondly, having good knowledge regarding different cricket pitches, because sometimes pitches can add extra advantages at the time of making runs or taking wickets. In that case, study the previous matches on the pitch and the performances of the players on that type of pitches. Therefore, pitches can vary from flat batting tracks to bowler/ spinner friendly wickets. For instance, flat pitches are batman’s paradise. Scoring runs is easy on such pitches and hence it makes sense to restrict on the number of bowlers to the minimum and opt for a 8/3 batman/bowler strategy. Selecting maximum number of all-rounders also makes sense.

    Also, fast and bouncy pitches are fast bowlers paradise. They give great bounce and pace to the bowler and makes it difficult for the batsman to score runs off. Selecting the maximum number of fast bowlers should be the key hence as they will restrict the number of runs scored off them.

  Slow and low pitches offer great assistance to slow medium pacers provided they get their line and length right. Low scoring matches are a norm on such a pitch. There are also spinning pitches which offer great turn to the spinners and makes them menace to play against. Hence, spinners should be the first ones on your team sheet on this pitches.

 In addition, it is better to do some research,analyse and understand players performance before selecting them as team members. Dont just take players based on their recent performance but need to focus on their consistency. Be sure that your selected players will play the match on that particular day. Focus on choosing top order batsman and bowlers based on good strike rate in their previous matches. Better to keep an all-rounder who comes up in the battling order as powerplay. But be sure sometimes he won’t get neither batting nor bowling.

    Most importantly, right planning is the vital part of this game. Pick captain and vice captain wisely as it will help you to earn extra points in that match if they perform well.

    While making your team do keep in mind next four matches to follow. Select more players from the team who would be playing in any four matches and retain them till their next match. Most of the times, it is better to go with 7-4 strategy. This is seven players of one team and four of the other team. In this case, seven players should be the team you think will win, which increases the chance to win. Make a maximum 3-4 changes per two match on an average. Therefore, is not good to use all your players as substitution just the start of the league.

   Furthermore, when you are playing with a point system, then you definitely want to score additional points as well. There are bonus points awarded for catches,stumping  and even run outs. Therefore, it is important to track players who regularly take catches. Also, make a practice of tracking the toss and make last moment changes before the match start based on who is playing. In this case, you can read the match prediction which is generally published many hours before the match to understand the upcoming match details from the experts.

   Lastly, choose players depending on the weather as it can change the pitch. Most of the players are bad with wet pitches while some can still play well on the damp pitch.